Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Do I have any chi in my teeth?"

For someone who so adamantly hates anything "new-agey" or "peace love and granola," Dr. K ascribes almost mythical powers to the force of her own attractions. She's constantly asking me to "check her energy."

If we have a bad week, she frets, "I don't know what kind of energy I'm putting out there that people aren't scheduling."

If we have a few new patients, it's, "Isn't it interesting that we have all these new people coming in? I wonder what's up with my energy that I'm attracting more people."

Every day I hear about how her magical energy is either attracting or repelling patients. When I hang up the phone, she immediately asks, "Whoisit?" before I can draw breath to tell her. Whether it's a patient calling to schedule or to cancel, I remain completely flummoxed when she declares their actions a result of her personal force field and then asks me how her energy is projecting.

"Umm, looks fine to me," I usually mumble.

This from a woman who refuses to order holiday cards with the more neutral "Seasons Greetings" on them because the phrase denies "The Reason for the Season," i.e. the birth of Jesus.



Nivek Yrurd said...

"Hows my energy"

"Dried up and useless."

Luap Otisopse said...

She is so oblivious! The season also features Hanukkah, Kwanza, and the winter solstice (sorry to my Islamic friends, I don't know if you have a December holiday or not).

Funny that you she hates "new age" things because she sounds like a closet Hippie! (and a really dumb one at that)